The Insane Master's Asylum

 Q: Who is the guy on your banner image?
 A: He is the King of all cosmos, from Katamari Damacy, a game completely owned by Sony.

 Q: Who are you?
 A: I am Mikey.

 Q: Why did you make a website?
 A: Because it's always been a dream, or something..

 Q: What can I do on this site?
 A: Please see the terms and conditions page, or the privacy policy page for this information.

 Q: What if I don't want to follow the rules you, Mikey, have inserted into your website?
 A: Then you are liable for your own actions, as I have already told you to access the terms and conditions page.

 Q: Can I rely on your videos and games to work on all computers?
 A: No, some have filters, others just don't load at times.

 Q: Do you really exist??
 A: No.

 Q: Can I sue you for using licensed characters from individual companies to which you do not have ownership?
 A: No, I already said I do not own anything unless I tell you I own it. Own in this context meaning having something be yours, not being really good.

 Q: What are your interests?
 A: Well, I like video games, and people.

 Q: Favorite video game?
 A: Tie between Katamari Damacy and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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