The Insane Master's Asylum

 This is where I'll put my files. Note: Unless disclaimed in the context of the file, I own all of these files. Please do not take them and post them on the internet without my permission.

  A Nintendo World (.pdf) (.jpg)
     This is my rendition of the universe if Nintendo worlds replaced everything. I drew this about two years ago, which is pretty amazing to think about while
     studying its condition.

  Marcus's RPG Starter (.txt)
     This is so good of a starter for RPG's that I decided I needed to put it on my website. All credit goes to Marcus.

  Life.exe (Collection)
     A text document series where an unnamed person is fighting a virus within an RPG-style computer.

  Brawl Challenges (Mikey's version) Sect. 1 (.txt)
     I decided to make challenges in Brawl, because I was bored and beat all the challenges already on Brawl. Can you play them all?

  Marcus DM's Mikey in a text file (.txt)
     The day of my birth, me and Marcus DM'ed each other, giving stories to each other that we can interact with, in text files. The text ops were Marcus's
     typing. The answers where from me.

  Mikey DM's Marcus in a text file (.txt)
     One day on my birthday, I got on this old computer of mine, and typed this to Marcus. All of the opts for speech where typed by me. The answers where all 
     Marcus's hands. If your not yet friends with Marcus, here is his site.

  Orceaus The Conquerer (.txt)(.docx)
     My Social Studies Story. About a guy in a village that hates the king, because he brought upon disaster upon his land. Read it to find more.

  The Monster and the Holy Tacos (.txt)(.doc)
     I am friends with the Holy Tacos, so if you diss their names, you'll get a strict talking to. xD

  Period 6 Game Rules (.txt)
     The rules for the board game we're making in Social Studies.

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