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-Oh gosh (4/24/10)
     It looks like this website is.. daresay.. finished. Well. Uh.. Yeah! :D

-New Discovery (2/25/10)
     I found this amazingly awesome song about.. eggs. Here is the link, but I warn you, it's very epic.

-Woo! (2/12/10)
     I just went to my first dance, which was my favorite dance out of all of the dances I've been to. It was just awesome.

-Go Youtube Player Parameters! (1/25/10)
     I just changed the music players from to Youtube to loop! And, I changed the color of every video player from Youtube to a nice green!

-New playlist! (1/23/10)
     I added a Beatles playlist!

-Cartoon Network used to hate Russians. (1/6/10)
     Okay, so you know the old cartoon,"The Justice Friends"? Well, I was watching one episode--"Krunk's Date" if you want to know-- where the heroes faced
     their arch nemesis. Captain Glory (?) is all red, blue, and white. However, the bad guy of Captain Glory was dressed like a Russian. That shows Cartoon
     Network disliked Russians!

     Not sure what that had to do with updates, but I'm going to be uploading some pivot animations, so yay!

-Ignore the post two below this one.. (1/2/10)
     The links page has gone through de-evolution..

-The New Year! (1/1/10= New Year's Eve)
     Well, I survived. I made it through 2009. It was a manly year. So, I'm giving the site a manly new file!

-Evolution (12/24/09= Christmas Eve)
     I mutated the links page to have two columns for links! Just goes to show that there are tons of links.

-Don don don, dondondon-dondondondondon (12/18/09= Winter Break start)
     Just added Fugue #7777 to Playlist 3 in the music section! You know, The King Of All Cosmos's theme.

-Get Update (12/16/09)
     Working in the realms of RPG, I stumbled across Marcus's RPG starter. It's a great starter, so I posted it. All credit towards it goes to Marcus.
     Also, Life.exe Part 3 is up!

-The wonderful world of coding (12/15/09)
     I feel so happy. I just made a button on the front page of the site. When pressed, it sends an alert, with a greeting. It was with Javascript. ^^

-The count has on eye on his ankle (12/11/09)
     Added 'Scream and Run Away'. a song by the Gothic Archies that depicts Count Olaf.

-Stop blogging, try glogging! :D (12/7/09)
     I just added a stuff page, where I'll put stuff..

-Relating to school?!? (12/2/09)
     Yes, I uploaded some files I wrote up at school. Shame on me. But their good, so read them.

-Siblingship (11/28/09)
     Hey there, sister site! It's name is Mikey's Daily Blog, go to it for a more in-depth blog on my everyday life perception. Here it is.

-Well, well, well, what do we have here. (11/27/09)
     Why, it's a sacred grove! I've hid it somewhere most people wouldn't think to look. In:
     Wow, you actually highlighted this area? That's pretty sad.
     Now that I've revealed it, I guess you can go to it.

-Hurray for pictures! (11/25/09)
     + I just updated the pictures page a whole lot. You can even see my binder front image on it ^_^
     + Deleted the mining area. There might not be a link to the grove for a while.
     + Put the voki under videos I think..
     + Updated the links page, there should be Theo's website, Nico's website, and Line Rider.

-Ugh.. (11/22/09)
     Trying to add a comments bar to the site now. Nobody told me I have to register with Disqus.. It's so lame >.<

-Can you find the grove? (11/22/09)
     Moved the grove for the 4,572.7th time today. It should be awesome by Mid-December. Also hoping to put some videos in the videos section.

-Changed Blog Name (11/22/09)
     I realized lately that the updates page was getting pretty boring. So now I'm going to be writing the updates manually. You'll see this type of text in the
     Updates section from now on.

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